School of Excellence

Westside Elementary is a
2011 School of Excellence 
Award Winner


All schools within the Lowndes County School System are accredited by the
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Spelling Bee Winners

2016/2017 Spelling Bee winners

Runner-up: Tucker Giron 

Winner: Miko Colasito 

We Love Our Lunchroom Staff

Congratulations to WES nutrition staff for a score of 100 on the latest inspection. 

Clip art Picture of Children eating lunch

Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition

Congratulations to Isaac Chambers for winning the RESA district writing competition!  His story will be sent to the state competition.   Read the story below:

The Last Legion-Rise of the Serpent

"On the date of July 17, 1987 it was one of those misty nights when clouds cover the sky.  Three fishing boats were sailing on the smooth water creating gentle ripples as they went.  At precisely 8:31 pm (and 10 seconds to be even more precise), there was a sudden WHAM!  BANG!  Then out of the gentle rippling water erupted a ginormous sea serpent with glistening sea green serpent scales each the size of a typical human being.  The serpent had green fungus growing from certain scales.  The head was the size of a car with one single horn pointing from just above his nostrils which seemed to be blowing sea mist.  Its mouth, oh its mouth was HUGE.  It had rows and rows of dagger-like teeth with two fangs each the size of the regular teeth on top, dripping venom.  Next, after it had burst out of the blue ocean, it devoured two of the ships.  One man shouted a cry that pierced the night, then he too was devoured with the last ship.

Meanwhile, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a warrior named Hujaku was sitting on the bank of the river, skipping rocks just outside of The Last Legion Headquarters, a special organization of kids with special powers.  If you’ve never heard of it, then good.  You’re not supposed to know about it.  It’s a secret.  Hujaku was thinking about his next training challenge when he heard the sound of an alarm blasting into his thoughts.  That meant only one thing.  ACTION!  He rushed inside to the meeting room in hope that after the 11 and a half years that he had been waiting that he would FINALLY get a quest.

When he arrived in the meeting room, he saw some of his fellow training companions.  His roommate and best friend Jakuli sat down next to him giving him a nod indicating, “Was sup?”  The senior counselor sat down and waited until everyone else sat down.  Finally the room grew quiet.  The counselor began talking, “Just recently we have learned of a sea serpent named Apalala.  As you know this serpent is from ancient times and I believe we are entering a new age of the world:  The Serpent Age.  We need to put a stop to this serpent as it has already done much damage.  This means that we will send some of you on a quest. Jakuli.  I think you’ve waited long enough and are experienced.  Also, well…hmm…let me see.  Ah yes.  Hujaku you are also well ready.” Hujaku could hardly believe his ears.  He finally had a quest.  “You two must be ready to set out and begin your quest at 5:35 am tomorrow.”

That night Jakuli and Hujaku talked excitedly about the danger, adventures, and what not.  The very next morning at 5:29 am, the two of them were beginning to set out toward the meeting house when Jakuli said, “Hey, what are we thinking?  Weapons!”  They raced back to their rooms.  Jakuli grabbed his multi-ice/fire spear that could morph into sunglasses.  This spear could shoot ice balls or fire waves just with the owner’s willpower.  Hujaku had an ancient sword called Guitar 0102.  No, not really, but it could turn into a guitar, no kidding!  Really its true name is Brithnaut.  This sword could turn into a battle axe or a flame sword.  After the two had gathered their weapons, they rushed to the meeting house.  The senior counselor was waiting for them as it was already 5:36 am.  “Not your best start for your first mission,” he commented, “but at least you made it and have everything you need.  In just a moment you two will enter this portal we have set up for you that will take you to New York City where you will hopefully defeat Apalala.  Do you understand?”  Jakuli and Hujaku both nodded.  “Good,” he replied.

Both Hujaku and Jakuli jumped through the portal.  It was kind of like jumping through a huge pile of feathers, but the same time there was the sensation you get when you go on a roller coaster.  AS they came out on the other side, Hujaku managed to land on his feet but Jakuli was not so lucky; he landed on his back, but hot himself up and dusted off with a grin, so Hujaku guessed he must be okay.

“Okay, the first thing we need to do is find the serpent –“ but Jakuli cut him off in a desperate voice.  “We don’t need to find it.  I think it found us!”  Hujaku followed his gaze and there it was.  Apalala was back!

As Apalala drew closer, Hujaku concentrated harder because his power was earth.  Just as Apalala dove down to strike the earth, Hujaku and Jakuli shot up into the air on a spire of rock.  Hujaku pulled out his sword and jumped.  WHAM!  His flaming sword collided with the serpent’s scales, but when Hujaku looked down, his sword didn’t seem to have made a dent!  Up on the spire Jakuli was testing something.  He was trying to turn his spear into a bow.  Concentrating hard, he finally did it.  “Hujaku!” Jakuli shouted, “Look toward his head, there is a chink in his scale where your sword can get through and remember in the stories his scales are invincible and his venom can kill you in 3.5 seconds.”  Just then everything clicked in Hujaku’s mind.  He nodded indicating he understood.

All of a sudden the serpent lurched at Hujaku, but right before it hit him, he wrenched his body out of the way.  Jakuli shouted, “LOOK out!”  The serpent brought his head down and then lunged up in Jakuli’s direction.  Right before the serpent made contact, he shot his bow and it was right on target spiraling into Apalala’s weak spot.  The creature groaned, but was still not killed.

Unfortunately, the creature could still swing around and hit Jakuli who flew over the edge of the rock was knocked unconscious.  (You might have already noticed this, but the serpent can go on land too).  Roaring with rage, Hujaku slashed his sword in the air and summoned all his earth powers, bringing earth, rock, and plants (poison plants) out of the ground below him.  He started running up the serpent’s back.  The he saw his moment.  He leapt and brought his sword down on the weak spot.

The serpent was dead!  He ran over to Jakuli and grabbed him to get him through the portal as soon as possible.  Would his friend make it?  He didn’t know but he would do all he could.  He leapt through the portal and come out the others side the cheers of everyone at The Last Legion Headquarters.  He yelled, “Hey!  Quickly!  Help Jakuli!”  Everyone calmed down quickly and Jakuli was rushed to the health section.

Hujaku didn’t feel like celebrating.  He stayed with Jakuli waiting and hoping.  Finally, at 2 pm the next day Jakuli, looking a little rough, opened his eyes and said, “I don’t think there will be a Serpent Age after all.  Last Legions, one.  Serpent, zero.  Oh yeah!”  Hujaku smiled like it was Christmas.  “How about you get yourself back together so we can do that again!”  “But this time, let’s try not to get almost killed!” Jakuli added with a grin."