Resource Teachers

 LEAP Teachers

        Picture of Leap Teachers

   Left to Right: Wade, Williams, Linn and Daniels  

Lauren Linn -1st/2nd

Chequita Williams - K/1st

Exploratory teachers 2022 2023
Top Row from left to right:  Jackson, Robertson
Bottom Row from left to right:  Peterson, Hodum, Arnold

Gina Arnold- PE Teacher

Andrew Hodum - PE Teacher

Margie Jackson - Art Teacher

Stephanie Peterson - Ag Teacher

Miranda Robertson - Music Teacher


Resource Teachers 2022 2023
Top Row from Left to Right: Poore, Cook and Adams
Bottom Row from Left to Right:  Tone, Luckey, and Haynes

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Jennifer Luckey - EIP/Gifted Teacher
Heather Tone - Gifted

ESOL Teacher - Rebecca Cook

Kim Bolton - Counselor

Elissa Tomlinson - Media Specialist

Rachel Adams - EIP

Chablis Haynes - EIP

Debi Poore - EIP

SAS Teachers
SPED Teachers
From left to right:  Laskey, Newsome, Clemons, Stephens, Norman, Rentz

Casey Rentz - K/1st

Wendy Laskey - 2nd

Sarah Norman - 3rd

Enchilada Key - 4th

Tammy Marin - 5th

Valeta Ponce - 5th



Dr. Haley Harvell

Angie Rothenhofer