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Westside Elementary School

2470 James Road

Valdosta, GA 31601

phone 229-245-2289

fax 229-259-5068


Secretary (Records, Field Trips) Jackie Burgman:  [email protected]

Secretary (Payments, Substitutes) Diane Aultman:  [email protected]

School Resource Officer (Attendance, DARE, Safety, Traffic) Deputy Lee  :  [email protected]

Nurse (Medicines, Health) Michele Hoes:  [email protected]

Counselor (Student Needs, School Tours, Career Guidance) Kim Bolton:  [email protected]

Librarian/Media Specialist (Books, Technology) Shayla Strickland:  [email protected]

Academic Coach (Textbooks, EIP, Staff Training) Katie Smith:  [email protected]

Assistant Principal (Bus, Special Education, Testing, Discipline)  Kelly Lupton: [email protected]

Assistant Principal (Bus, Special Education, Testing, Discipline) Thom Hallman:  [email protected]

Principal (Curriculum, Gifted, Social Media, Finance)  Beth Lind:  [email protected]

PTO President (Fundraising) Mallory Thompson:  [email protected]

To make changes in your child's transportation, send a note or email to your teacher at the beginning of the day (must be in writing, not verbal). Remember that your child's teacher only checks email once during the day because our priority is teaching the children. Teachers can only check email and make calls when the students are gone to PE/Art/Music. Thank you for understanding.

Emergency changes in transportation should be rare. They must also be given in writing. You may email them to secretaries, fax to the school, or hand deliver to the office.