Student Birthday Celebrations

Student Birthday Celebrations

Traditionally students have enjoyed celebrating their birthday by bringing in treats for their classmates. Here are some guidelines to make these quick celebrations easy for all:

  • Contact the teacher several days before you plan to send in treats to find out the best day and time, as well as any food allergies in the class. No child should be left out due to food allergies or restrictions. 

  • Remember to send in enough treats for the entire class, plus plates and napkins.

  • Please keep treats simple by bringing in only one of the following: store bought cookies, store bought cupcakes, or store bought donuts.

  • Birthday snacks should be brought to the school office early in the day. These treats will be shared with the class at the teacher's discretion. 

  • Parent participation should be scheduled with the classroom teacher. Teachers should communicate who to expect to visit with the front office. 

  • School-aged siblings may not attend a class party and miss instructional time. 

  • Goody bags, balloons, and floral arrangements are not allowed as these can be distracting to the students’ learning environment. Additionally, balloons and floral arrangements are not allowed on the bus.