One Lowndes App

Everything Lowndes County Schools right in your pocket!

With effective communication being a top priority in Lowndes County Schools, we are excited to announce that we are adopting a new communication platform run through the brand new One Lowndes smartphone app.

The One Lowndes app will enable seamless two-way communication with your student’s teachers through the portion of the app called "Rooms," keeping you updated on all things related to Lowndes County Schools.

Elementary School parents and guardians, please go ahead and download the One Lowndes App to be prepared for an email invitation to sign into Rooms and connect with your student's teachers on May 1st.

We are excited to utilize the One Lowndes App and Rooms to keep you even more connected than ever before!

Download for Android:

Download for iPhone:

*Be sure to turn your notifications on to see messages from your student’s teachers.

(Middle and high school parents should already be connected. If you are a parent of a middle or high schooler and have not received this email, fill out this form: